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完整标题:属于我们的土地[中文字幕].OUR.OWN.LAND.2021.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-MOMOWEB 0.66GB

◎标  题 属于我们的土地
◎译  名 Our Own Land
◎片  名 Nous n'irons plus en haut
◎年  代 2021
◎产  地 法国
◎语  言 法语
◎IMDb评分 6.5/10 (16人评价)
◎片  长 22分钟

◎简  介
    夏天就快结束了,是时候在宁静的布列塔尼村庄制作青贮饲料。当农民们忙着收割玉米,一对8岁和12岁的兄弟独自待在大房子里。他们自行决定成为这个巨大王国的主人,可以随心所欲地做任何事情,唯独:不准上楼。   《属于我们的土地》的灵感来自一则新闻报导,导演带领观众以孩子的视角来看这个巨大且充满不安的村庄。本片介于剧情片和奇幻片之间,以其精确的观点,聚焦于悲剧发生后的情景,令人惊愕又安抚人心。片中两位小演员的表现十分亮眼,是一部非常细腻且充满情感的电影。   Summer is ending, it's time for ensiling in the peaceful Breton countryside. While farmers are harvesting the corn, two brothers, aged 8 and 12, are alone in their big house. Left to their own devices, they are masters of a vast kingdom and feel free to do whatever they want. They only forbid themselves to go upstairs in the house.   Inspired by current affairs, OUR OWN LAND gives the audience a child’s perspective of being surrounded by an unnerving, vast countryside. Halfway between drama and fantasy, this carefully staged short film examines the events immediately following tragedy, when shock blends with attempts at finding calm. A sensitive film full of emotion, with magnificent performances by two young actors.   源自:



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